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The Punta Gorda Boat Club is located directly on Charlotte Harbor, with a panoramic view of passing boats and spectacular sunsets. The PGBC is a unique organization, offering a myriad of boating, social and community service activities that will satisfy the needs of every boater. It is truly many clubs under the umbrella of one membership. As a bonus, the warm tradition of a working club builds and bonds friendships, making the PGBC the Friendliest Club in Charlotte County.

The PGBC offers all the activities a boater could desire at a fraction of the cost of other yacht clubs. This economy is accomplished through our tradition of being a working club. Members volunteer their time and talents for everything from grounds maintenance to food service as a supplement to hired contractors. While all members are expected to serve on committees, participation is voluntary. Our seasonal members have learned that the committee participation is not work but a way to meet and bond with newly made friends.

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