Punta Gorda Club Events for 2020

There are 197 events scheduled

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Event Start DateEvent TypeDestination or Event
1/3/2020SocialSet Up for Change of Watch
1/4/2020SocialChange of Watch
1/6/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
1/9/2020SailSalty Sams, Fort Myers - Need a Leader
1/9/2020SailSalty Sams for Sailboats
1/10/2020PowerPink Shell Marina
1/10/2020PowerSalty Sams
1/13/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting
1/16/2020DayCruiseBert's Bar - Matlacha
1/17/2020SocialTrivia Night
1/18/2020OutsideSocialShreve Street Clean-Up
1/21/2020KayakKayak Shell Creek - Punta Gorda
1/24/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
2/3/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
2/6/2020DayCruiseLaishley Crab House
2/7/2020PowerTween Waters
2/8/2020SocialSet Up for Seamus Kelleher
2/9/2020SocialSeamus Kelleher in Concert
2/10/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting
2/18/2020KayakKayak Telegraph Creek - Alva
2/21/2020Power & SailBurnt Store
2/21/2020Power & SailBurnt Store Marina
2/21/2020SailBurnt Store - Need a Leader
2/21/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
2/21/2020Social70's Party Set Up
2/22/2020Social70's Dance Party
2/28/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
3/2/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
3/5/2020DayCruiseBarnicla Phil's - North Captiva
3/7/2020Outside SocialBroadway Palm Theater
3/9/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting
3/13/2020SailTunnel of Love - CANCELLED
3/15/2020PowerBoca Grande Marina
3/16/2020SocialSt. Patrick's Day Ste Up
3/17/2020KayakKayak Lido Key Mangrove Trail - Sarastoa -CANCELLED
3/17/2020SocialSt. Patrick's Day Party - CANCELLED
3/27/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
3/28/2020Social OtherGreat American Clean-Up - CANCELLED
4/2/2020DayCruiseLazy Flamingo - Pine Island -CANCELLED
4/3/2020SocialCommodore's Picnic Set Up
4/6/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
4/7/2020KayakOvernight Kayak - Silver Springs - CANCELLED
4/10/2020PowerLegacy Harbor Fort Myers - CANCELLED
4/10/2020SailFlorida Keys and Beyond - Need a Leader
4/13/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting - CANCELLED
4/21/2020KayakKayak Arbuckle Creek - Avon Park
4/24/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
4/25/2020SocialBingo and Pizza Party - CANCELLED
5/4/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
5/7/2020DayCruiseRum Bay - Palm Island
5/8/2020PowerSouth Seas Cruise
5/8/2020PowerSouth Seas Cruise - CANCELLED
5/9/2020SocialMother's Day Brunch Set Up
5/10/2020SocialMother's Day Brunch - CANCELLED
5/11/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting - CANCELLED
5/14/2020SailExuma - Bahamas
5/14/2020SailExhumas Bahamas Sail CANCELLED
5/15/2020SailGator Creek - Bkly. Pass - Need a Leader
5/19/2020KayakKayak Hillsborough River - Thonotosassa
5/22/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
6/1/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
6/6/2020SocialCommodore's Picnic - CANCELLED
6/8/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting - CANCELLED
6/11/2020DayCruiseInterCoastal Beach Party
6/11/2020SailDon Pedro - Need a Leader
6/12/2020SocialSet Up for June Social Event TBD
6/13/2020SocialJune Social Event - TBD
6/16/2020KayakKayak Peace River - Brownville to Arcadia - CANCELLED
6/19/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
6/20/2020SocialSet Up fir Fathers Day Dinner
6/21/2020SocialFather's Day Dinner
7/3/2020SocialJuly 4th Set Up
7/4/2020SocialJuly 4th Celebration - CANCELLED
7/6/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
7/9/2020PowerCabbage Key
7/13/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting - CANCELLED
7/17/2020SailCrystal River Scalloping
7/18/2020SocialClassic Movie Night at the PGBC Theater
7/21/2020KayakKayak Deer Prairie Creek - North Port
7/24/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
8/3/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
8/8/2020SocialBingo Night
8/10/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting - CANCELLED
8/13/2020SocialDinner and Darts
8/18/2020KayakKayak Liverpool at Sunset - CANCELLED
8/20/2020DayCruiseCass Kay - Burnt Store Marina
8/22/2020SailLobstering - Florida Keys
8/28/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
9/7/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
9/10/2020DayCruiseTarpon Springs - Pine Island
9/10/2020SailLegacy Harbor Fort Myers - Need a Leader
9/11/2020PowerLegacy Harbor - Need a Leader
9/14/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting - CANCELLED
9/15/2020KayakKayak Lettuce Lake - Arcadia
9/18/2020SocialSet Up for Social Event - TBD
9/19/2020SocialDance Party
9/19/2020SocialSocial Event - TBD
9/25/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
10/2/2020SocialSet Up for Blessing of the Fleet
10/3/2020Power & SailBlessing of the Fleet- Day Boaters
10/3/2020SocialBlessing of the Fleet
10/3/2020SocialOpen House at the Boat Club
10/5/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
10/12/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting
10/16/2020PowerSweetwater Landing & Boat House
10/16/2020SocialOctober Fest
10/20/2020KayakKayak Venice-Myakka River Park - Nokomis
10/23/2020SocialSet Up for October Fest
10/24/2020SocialOctober Fest
10/30/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
11/2/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
11/6/2020SocialSet Up for Commodore's Ball
11/7/2020SocialCommodore's Ball
11/9/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting
11/13/2020PowerBurnt Store
11/13/2020Power & SailAutumn Extravaganza
11/14/2020DayCruiseAutumn Extravaganza
11/17/2020KayakKayak Senator Bob Johnson Landing - North Port
11/21/2020SocialBingo Party
11/27/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
11/30/2020SocialDecorate the Club for Christmas
12/4/2020SocialSet Up for the Christmas Party
12/5/2020SocialChristmas Party
12/7/2020BusinessBoard Meeting
12/10/2020DayCruiseNav-A-Gator Restaurant
12/14/2020BusinessBusiness Meeting
12/15/2020KayakKayak Riverside Park - Punta Gorda
12/18/2020SocialAttitude Adjustment
12/30/2020Power & SailNew Years at Burnt Store
12/30/2020SocialUndecorate the Club
1/1/2021Social OtherSet Up for Change of Watch
1/2/2021SocialChange of Watch
1/4/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
1/11/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
1/22/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
2/1/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
2/8/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
2/13/2021SocialSet Up for Valentines Party
2/14/2021SocialValentine's Party
2/26/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
3/1/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
3/8/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
3/16/2021SocialSet Up for St, Patricks Day
3/17/2021BusinessSt. Patrick's Day Party
3/26/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
3/28/2021SocialCahal Dunne Concert
4/2/2021SocialSet Up for Commodore's Picnic
4/3/2021SocialCommodore's Picnic
4/5/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
4/12/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
4/17/2021SocialBingo Party
4/23/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
5/3/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
5/8/2021SocialSet Up for Mother's Day Brunch
5/9/2021SocialMother's Day Brunch
5/10/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
5/28/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
6/7/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
6/14/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
6/19/2021SocialSet Up for Father's Day Dinner
6/20/2021SocialFather's Day Dinner
6/25/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
7/3/2021SocialSet Up for July 4th Party
7/4/2021SocialJuly 4th Celebration
7/5/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
7/12/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
7/17/2021SocialMovie Night - Need a Leader
7/23/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
8/2/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
8/7/2021SocialBingo Party
8/9/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
8/19/2021Outside SocialDinner and Darts
8/27/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
9/6/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
9/13/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
9/24/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
10/1/2021SocialSet Up for Blessing of the Fleet
10/2/2021SocialBlessing of the Fleet
10/4/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
10/11/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
10/22/2021SocialSet Up for 70th Anniversary Party
10/23/2021SocialPGBC 70th Anniversary Party
10/29/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
11/1/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
11/5/2021SocialSet Up for Commodore's Ball
11/6/2021SocialCommodore's Ball
11/8/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
11/26/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
11/29/2021SocialDecorate the Club for Christmas
12/6/2021BusinessBoard Meeting
12/10/2021SocialSet Up for Christmas Party
12/11/2021SocialChristmas Party
12/13/2021BusinessBusiness Meeting
12/17/2021SocialAttitude Adjustment
12/30/2021SocialUndecorate the Club