Punta Gorda Club Events for 2018

There are 122 events scheduled

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Event Start DateEvent TypeDestination or Event
1/6/2018SocialChange of Watch
1/8/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
1/8/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
1/16/2018KayakKayak Manatee Park, Fort Myers
1/17/2018SocialTrivia Night
1/19/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
1/26/2018Outside SocialNight Under the Stars
1/26/2018PowerBoca Grande Marina - CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER
1/26/2018SailPelican Bay/Tunnel of Love Cruise - CANCELLED
1/27/2018DayCruiseMiller's Dockside
2/2/2018Social-OtherMardi Gras SET-UP
2/2/2018Social-OtherCPR-AED Class
2/3/2018SocialMardi Gras Party with Cajun Inspired Menu
2/5/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
2/12/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
2/13/2018Outside SocialOctagon Wildlife/Lunch at Table & Tap
2/15/2018SocialTrivia Night
2/20/2018KayakKayak Venice Myakka River Park, Nokomis
2/23/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
2/24/2018Power & SailBurnt Store Marina
2/25/2018DayCruiseBurnt Store Marina/Cass Cay Restaurant
3/3/2018Outside SocialBroadway Palm Theater - No Event Signup
3/5/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
3/8/2018Social-OtherYard Sale
3/12/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
3/14/2018DayCruiseLaishley Crab House
3/16/2018SocialSt. Patricks Day Party SET-UP
3/17/2018SocialSt. Patricks Day Party
3/20/2018KayakKayak Deer Prairie Creek, North Port
3/22/2018SocialTrivia Night
3/23/2018Power & SailDon Pedro - Anchorage Only, No Slips
3/23/2018Power & SailAquamarina/Don Pedro
3/23/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
3/31/2018SocialMovie Night at the PGBC Theater
4/2/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
4/6/2018SocialCommdore's Picnic
4/8/2018KayakKayak Overnight - Chassahowitzka and Weeki Wachee
4/9/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
4/10/2018SailDry Tortugas
4/14/2018DayCruiseThe Fishery
4/16/2018PowerMulti Week Cruise
4/17/2018KayakKayak Telegraph Creek - Alva
4/21/2018SocialSocial - TBD
4/27/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
5/4/2018Social-OtherKentucky Derby - SET-UP
5/5/2018SocialKentucky Derby
5/7/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
5/9/2018Power & SailUseppa Overnight
5/14/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
5/15/2018KayakKayak - Annual Picnic, Fort DeSoto Park
5/19/2018SocialMovie Night at the PGBC Theater
5/25/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
6/5/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
6/11/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
6/12/2018DayCruiseRum Bay - TENTATIVE
6/12/2018SailSarasota/Longboat Key
6/13/2018PowerSarasota/Longboat Key
6/19/2018KayakKayak Lido Key, Sarasota
6/20/2018Outside SocialSolomon's Castle
6/22/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
7/2/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
7/4/2018SocialFourth of July Celebration
7/9/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
7/10/2018Power & SailScalloping
7/11/2018DayCruiseScotty's Brew House
7/16/2018PowerTween Waters
7/19/2018SocialMovie Night at the PGBC Theater
7/27/2018KayakPlacida Full Moon Paddle
7/27/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
7/28/2018Outside SocialRestaurant Night
8/6/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
8/12/2018KayakBioluminescence Paddle, Titusville
8/13/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
8/15/2018Outside SocialDinner and Darts
8/24/2018PowerSouth Seas - Tentative
8/24/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
8/26/2018DayCruiseNav-A-Gater Grill
9/8/2018SocialMovie Night at the PGBC Theater
9/10/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
9/10/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
9/12/2018DayCruisePoker Run
9/13/2018Power & SailFort Myers Beach
9/18/2018KayakKayak Fisheating Creek, Palmdale
9/21/2018SocialWestern Shindig
9/28/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
10/1/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
10/6/2018BoatCruiseBlessing of the Fleet - BOATS ONLY SIGNUP
10/6/2018SocialBlessing of the Fleet
10/8/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
10/11/2018SocialLadies Luncheon
10/14/2018SailNavigation and Passage
10/16/2018KayakKayak - Linger Lodge, Bradenton
10/20/2018SocialBoat Club Party
10/21/2018KayakKayak Overnight - High Springs, Santa Fe and Ichnetucknee Rivers
10/26/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
10/26/2018Social-OtherItalian Dinner SET-UP
10/27/2018SocialItalian Dinner
11/1/2018SocialYard Sale
11/2/2018BoatCruiseMembers Who Need Dock Space
11/2/2018BoatCruiseMembers Offering Dock Space
11/5/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
11/9/2018SocialCommodore's Ball
11/12/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
11/16/2018Power & SailAutumn Extravaganza
11/17/2018DayCruiseAutumn Extravaganza - DAY CRUISERS
11/20/2018KayakKayak Little Manatee River, Wimauma
11/23/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
12/1/2018SocialDecorate the Club
12/3/2018BusinessBoard Meeting
12/4/2018Power & SailMatlacha
12/6/2018SocialLadies Tea
12/10/2018BusinessBusiness Meeting
12/14/2018SocialChristmas Party
12/18/2018KayakKayak Peace River, Brownville to Arcadia
12/28/2018SocialAttitude Adjustment - Reservation not needed
12/29/2018Social-OtherUn-Decorate the Club
12/30/2018Power & SailNew Years Eve at Burnt Store Marina